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Queen of comedy Margaret Cho joins the Totally 80's podcast to critique 80's fashion trends as a true 'Fashion Police' woman.

Cho, who stars in "I'm The One That I Want", "Drop Dead Diva", "The Masked Singer" and The Margaret Cho podcast, sits down with host Lyndsey Parker (Yahoo Entertainment Music Editor/SiriusXM Volume Host) and John Hughes to discuss cutting-edge 80's looks, from gender bending to Madonna-bes to New Romantics to Hair Metal. Tune in below. 


CHO: "I think what I'm always trying to for is the Deep Sea Skiving album cover for Bananarama. Their entire press tour, whether it's the moccasins or the painter pants, the hats that are worn in the back of the head. I think when the Fun Boy Three and Jane Wiedlin were hanging out with Terry Hall, that kind of thing, when "Our Lips Are Sealed" was a fun Fun Boy Three song, when "Our Lips Are Sealed" was a dirge, there a lot of fun different looks from Scott."

"I think that I can definitely sort of have a mod with a rocker look about me. I want to be like both a mod and a rocker but also like 80's and Brighton, you know there's so much of it that sort of stuck in 1982."

"What I also love about the 80's is that it kind of draws from all eras of the 1900's and it's like you actually re pulling from the Victorian era, when you get the lace-covered boots and weird upholstery fabric like Madonna was bringing in the late 80's or you're looking at the 40's, like even 40's futuristic Blade Runner..."

PARKER: "Like the Pointer Sisters."

CHO: "Like the Pointer sisters."

PARKER: "It's good you bring up the Bananarama. It was the whole kind of ragamuffin thing. There were these super glam Roxy Music goals and I want to talk about that, too, because I loved that look, but there were a lot of people that I looked up to because I thought, 'I could do that.' They just look like they threw any old stuff on. Before Bananarama got all glam in this later, sort of "Venus" era, they look like they just threw rags on them."

"Madonna was just tying a rag around her head, Cyndi Lauper was just throwing on a dress she bought at Goodwill for $3, Fuzzbox was a weird one for me. It actually looked kinda like trash, but it was fashion."


HUGHES: "Did it start with Dexys [Midnight Runner], though? Because remember, we talked about this - the girl in "Come On Eileen" video is Shioban [Fahey's] sister. The whole overalls boho look. First of all, how many pair of overalls did you guys have?"

PARKER: "Actually I wasn't super into the overall jams. But I did rip up a lot of dresses and tie-dye them to turn them into sack dresses..."

CHO: "The overalls for me came into effect in the 90's with a baby T-shirt. The overalls I associate far more with like TLC and Alanis [Morisette] that became more of a grunge thing.. Although what I appreciate about Dexys Midnight Runner is how they would curate every sound movement that they did with their clothing."

"They had their On The Waterfront movement, they had their sort of Irish Rover movement. Their look was very much tied with how they sounded like and I think that's kind of locked with their American audience."

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