Neil Young Includes Rare EP in New Box of '80s Albums

Neil Young's 'Official Release Series Volume 4'
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Neil Young is packaging three of his '80s albums together with a rare EP from the same era for a new box set.

Official Release Series Volume 4, available April 29, will feature new CD and vinyl pressings of 1980's Hawks and Doves, 1981's Re·ac·tor (recorded with longtime backing band Crazy Horse), 1988's This Note's for You and 1989's Eldorado, a precursor to that year's Freedom that was only released in Japan and Australia. The five-track EP features early versions of three tracks from "Freedom" and two that didn't make the cut.

Though these four were released on opposite sides of the decade (owing to a period where Young was signed to a different label from 1982 to 1987), they represent the Canadian rocker's restless spirit, tackling acoustic country-folk, synthesizer-driven rock and horn-infused blues throughout. The title track of "This Note's for You" was even accompanied by a slick music video that poked fun at the licensing of rock songs and sponsorship of tours by big corporations. (MTV initially banned the clip but ended up naming it Video of the Year at the next Video Music Awards.)

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The box will be available on April 29, with the vinyl version available exclusively through Young's web store and independent record stores. Eldorado will also make its digital debut on the same day - though not on Spotify, of course.

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